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McKeon and Strickland are just names. Neither of the people who are running on those names in the 38th Assembly District possesses any relevant skills or experience needed to serve the interests of Simi Valley in Sacramento.

Paul (who is not, and is not related, to Tony) Strickland is a big labor-loving rubber stamp for the California Teachers Association (CTA).

And although the job of mother and housewife is one to be respected and admired, it has not prepared Patricia McKeon for the California Assembly.

But one highly qualified candidate is not relying on a wellknown name at all. Other than the fact that it rhymes with “Got Milk.” Scott Wilk is a business owner with solid policy credentials and a bipartisan record of getting things done as an elected member of the College of the Canyon Board of Trustees.

The choice is clear. Scott Wilk for Assembly!

Jared Held

Simi Valley

2012-05-25 / Letters

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